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ShortTask is based on the idea that there are still many online jobs that cannot be fully replaced by technology. Whether it's researching detailed information, transcribing audio or video recordings, identifying objects in photographs or videos, or creating written content, some jobs are just better done by humans.

From this inescapable truth, ShortTask was born. ShortTask has built a community of seekers (companies or individuals who need various tasks accomplished without hiring in-house staff) and solvers (workers who can complete these jobs virtually). With the help of ShortTask, these seekers and solvers are able to connect and do business.

With the increasing cost of running businesses, more and more companies seek human support with optimum benefit-cost ratio. ShortTask's mission is to make this type of exchange effortless and affordable.

With the collaboration of solvers and seekers at ShortTask, we bring optimum solutions to our users:

  • Problems can be solved at comparatively lesser cost.
  • Perfect work product can guarantee payments
  • Businesses can tap into a wider range of online talent.