Short Task's history dates back to 2001, when our parent company, Career Mission, began venturing into the job board business. Career Mission's first job site, LawCrossing, was launched in 2003. Today, Career Mission serves hundreds of thousands of job seekers in every major profession. Career Mission launched Short Task to provide an outlet for workers around the world who may not be seeking the sort of permanent employment our other companies offer job seekers.

Learn more about our mission and rich past:

December 2001 Planning for commencement of LawCrossing begun with research on database beginning. Research and building initial database backbone takes over 17 months with a staff of 15 people.
April 2002 First mock ups of LawCrossing received. Several revisions of final design would be received prior to launch.
May 2003 Initial database completed. Hiring of job editors, job editing team and daily staff to monitor and work with database commenced.
July 2003 LawCrossing launched. This is the 617 South Olive Street building where EmploymentCrossing was first launched as LawCrossing in July of 2003. Plans were formulated for the launch of the site in 2001 in Suite 1210 on the twelfth floor of the building.
September 2006 LawCrossing.co.uk launched.
February 2007 SellingCrossing launched and company begins massive hiring for new venture. By February of 2007, the company has over 650 employees in the United States, Asia and Europe.
April 2007 AdvertisingCrossing, MarketingCrossing, PRCrossing launched.
May 2007 HRCrossing, MoneyCrossing (now known as FinancialServicesCrossing), TechieCrossing (now known as InformationTechnologyCrossing) and AccountingCrossing launched.
June 2007 EngineeringCrossing, HealthcareCrossing, ManagerCrossing and RetailCrossing launched.
July 2007 ArchitectureCrossing, BiotechCrossing, ConsultingCrossing, CustomerServiceCrossing, EducationCrossing, ManufacturingCrossing, OperationsCrossing launched.
August 2007 AdminCrossing, BlueCollarCrossing, BusinessDevelopmentCrossing, ConstructionCrossing, HospitalityCrossing, PharmaceuticalCrossing, TransportationCrossing launched.
September 2007 ComplianceCrossing and DesigningCrossing launched. LawCrossing honored on the Inc. 500 as the 72nd fastest growing company in America.
December 2007 ProjectManagementCrossing and QAQCCrossing launched.
February 2008 BusinessAnalystCrossing, SciencesCrossing and SAPCrossing (now ERPCrossing) launched.
March 2008 EmploymentCrossing launched as the ''umbrella site'' for all the Crossings and containing all of the jobs from each Crossing site. Site redesigned to new present-day design.
April 2008 MoneyCrossing (now FinancialServicesCrossing) renamed (BankingAndFinanceCrossing).
May 2008 TelecomCrossing, HVACCrossing, AccountManagementCrossing, ContractManagementCrossing, ProductManagerCrossing, WorkAtHomeCrossing, ClinicalResearchCrossing, PostDoctoralFellowCrossing, RealEstateAndLandCrossing, TruckingCrossing, EntryLevelCrossing, AviationCrossing, EnergyCrossing, FundraisingCrossing, GISCrossing, EHSCrossing (now EnvironmentalSafetyHealthCrossing), JournalismCrossing, MilitaryCrossing, PartTimeCrossing, TrainingCrossing, AuditorCrossing, BilingualCrossing, PurchasingCrossing, DentalCrossing, ComputeraidedDesignCrossing, ChefCrossing and AutomotiveCrossing launched.
June 2008 TVCrossing, PublishingCrossing, ScientistCrossing, CounselingCrossing, WritingCrossing, UnderwritingCrossing, CallCenterCrossing, EditingCrossing, ProcurementCrossing, ActuarialCrossing, VolunteerCrossing, IntellectualPropertyCrossing launched.
September 2008 LawCrossing once again on the Inc. 500 as one of the fastest growing companies in America.
October 2008 MediaJobCrossing, AerospaceCrossing, AgriculturalCrossing, TeenagerCrossing, VeterinaryCrossing, CPlusPlusCrossing, DBACrossing, DiversityCrossing, DotNetCrossing, ECommerceCrossing, FacilitiesCrossing launched.
January 2009 DubaiCrossing, LossPreventionCrossing, RetirementCrossing, VeterinaryCrossing launched.
February 2009 ShortTask launched.
July 2009 ShortTask featured on Attack of the Show as one of the newest and most effective money-making portals.