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Research Find a competitor site to your site Find or take a photograph Research air fares and provide quotes Research and list a set number of products pertaining to a theme or holiday Research and list bloggers with a specific area of specialization Research and submit a list of blogs that focus on a specific theme or subject Research catering for corporate event Research data for books
Research e-mail addresses Research ground transportation in other cities Research locations for corporate event Research price ranges for office supplies Research product information Search for website content Search specific products on websites

Data Entry Data Entry Batch-rename files Convert paper form to word document Copy and paste jobs Extract data from website Filter collection of images to remove duplicates Filter mailbox for spam messages Provide Links
Categorize a piece of writing Work on word processing from dictation Fix broken data through Internet research Classify products to put them into different categories

Writing Write a review Write an article Transcribe a video Transcribe an audio Post a blog Leave a comment on a site Find contact information for a site Check spelling or grammar of an article Legal Transcription Writing copy for online shopping sites Get more traffic with rich web content The value of blog commenting Writing good essays Express yourself through letters Fix your business problems through surveys Blog Your Way to Success Create a facebook profile for a company Proofreading a blog

Design Create banner/flyer Need for logo designs Product Design Need for Slogans 20 reasons why websites are needed