How do I create a Task?

Follow this process to assign a Task:
1. Sign in as a Seeker on the site.
2. Click on "Design" and create your Task. You can either use a given set of templates to assign the Task or click on "Create Tasks Individually" to create a new template.
3. Fill out all relevant information regarding your task in the form.
4. Click on "Preview Task," and if there are no changes, click "Publish".

How does ShortTask work?

To be able publish a Task, you'll be required to have advance funding in your account. This will ensure that your account can cover the reward for the Task as well as for ShortTask commission. As of now, you can use your PayPal account to add a "pre-paid balance" to your account. When a Solver submits your Task, you can either approve or reject it. If you approve it, the said amount will be debited from your account along with a 15% ShortTask commission charge. But, if you reject it, the Solver will not be paid and ShortTask will not deduct any commission. If you have insufficient balance in your account, ShortTask will notify you when you publish your task.

If you would like a refund of your prepaid Task amount, please contact our customer service team at or drop us a comment on Contact Us

How do you calculate your service fee?

ShortTask charges a 15% commission fee over your assigned reward for a particular Task. For example, if a Task pays $10.00, ShortTask charges $1.50 (15% of $10). We charge $0.005 as the minimum commission fee. Additionally, if you decide to reward a bonus, we will charge 10% as commission fee for the bonus amount as well.

How do I review my Tasks?

To review your Task status, click on "Manage" tab on the top after signing in as a Seeker. You can review all Tasks' status, approve or reject submissions, and download results.

What happens when I reject a Task?

When you reject a Task, the Solver who worked on your assignment does not get paid, and you are not charged the ShortTask commission fee. Further, you will not be able to keep the rejected work.

How do I get my results?

Once you review a Task's submission by either approving or rejecting the results, you can download the reviewed results in a file by selecting "Download results".

Do you support non-US Seekers?

ShortTask services can be used by any individual or business across the world. It does not restrict its membership to US-based Seeker only.