How do I complete a Task?

Follow this process to complete a task:
1. Click the "Accept Task" button to select the Task of your interest.
2. Thoroughly review and follow the instructions from the Seeker.
3. Submit your Task in the given form.
4. Click "Submit Task" button.

How do I get paid?

If a Seeker approves a Task that you've submitted, ShortTask automatically transfers money from the Seeker's Prepaid Task balance to your PayPal account. In order to withdraw the amount, PayPal charges some fixed percentage as transfer fee. Please review your PayPal account details for more information on its transaction charges.

What is your current withdrawal limit?

In order to withdraw funds, which you have earned by completing tasks, you must first accumulate $10 amount of dollars in your account. Once you have earned $10 amount of dollars or more, you can withdraw funds up to the total amount of your accumulated earnings, even beyond $10 amount of dollars.

What is a bonus payment?

If the Seeker is extremely satisfied with your work, he/she can decide to reward you with a bonus amount. This bonus is in addition to the stated reward for that particular Task.

If the Seeker rejects my work, what can I do?

If the Seeker finds fault with your work and believes that you have not followed the Task instructions correctly, he/she can reject it. If you believe that your work has been rejected by mistake or on unfair grounds, you can decide to contact the Seeker directly

How much time do I have to submit a Task?

Seekers generally specify the "Time Allotted" for each Task. Once you accept a Task, the ShortTask timer will start automatically. If you fail to submit the Task by the allotted time, the Task will reopen for other Solvers.

What if a Task violates the ShortTask's terms and conditions?

If you come across a Task that violates the ShortTask's Terms and Conditions and Participation Agreement, you can report the Task as "Error" by clicking on "Report This Task as Error". The respective Task will then be reviewed by the ShortTask team and relevant action will be taken immediately

I got an error message when I tried to view/apply for a Task. What should I do?

In such a case, please leave your message on the Contact Us page or email us at We'll forward the error to our technical team and get it resolved ASAP.

How do I know about my total earnings from respective Seekers?

To keep track of the Seekers you have worked for and your total earnings, click on "My Account" page after logging in. This page allows you to view your payments and transaction history.